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What you should know about EnPowered

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EnPowered is an energy management company that is working to give Power to the People. We help our customers control their energy usage and costs, initially by allowing small businesses to group together to get lower electricity rates; group-buying for energy. 
We also run analytics on our customers’ energy usage to help them save even more, with services such as bill-auditing to catch billing mistakes and energy retrofits to reduce energy consumption.
EnPowered is passionate about giving control over energy consumption back to the consumer. With expensive On-Peak Time-of-Use and businesses being unable to simply shut their doors during the day, energy consumers in North America are feeling stuck.
We are working hard to fix that in the form of switching customers over from plans that suck and have people feeling trapped to plans that are genuinely great fits for each individual customer. We find the plan that is right for each client, and work with them on a continuous basis to ensure that it is always the best possible option.
We deliver monthly savings reports and not only allow customers to leave at any time with no cancellation fees, we will in fact reach out to our customers in the unlikely circumstance that our plan ever stops making financial sense for our client.
That is the EnPowered promise. Our goal is simple - making a broken industry suck less. 
Our reason is simple. We want to give Power Back to the People.
It is important to EnPowered that its customers understand how the EnPowered buying-group works. The purpose of this document is to clearly outline exactly how the buying-group can save you money on your electricity bills.   

How do I know if the EnPowered buying-group is right for me?
It is important to understand that the EnPowered buying-group is not right for everyone. The buying-group cannot help people who use most of their electricity at night, it is meant to help those who use most of their electricity during the day. Most consumers in Ontario are currently paying Time-of-Use rates, which are more expensive during the day than during the night. The current rates are:
  •       On-Peak: 18.0 ₵/kWh      [10am – 5pm]
  •       Mid-Peak: 13.2 ₵/kWh     [7am – 10am, 5pm – 7pm]
  •       Off-Peak: 8.7 ₵/kWh        [7pm – 7am]

The cheapest rate available in the market is the Off-Peak price for electricity, 8.7 ₵/kWh. EnPowered’s True Market Rate is more expensive than this Off-Peak price, but it is much cheaper than the On-Peak and Mid-Peak prices.  As a result, if you can shift most of your usage to Off-Peak hours you should do so. The EnPowered buying-group is for those consumers that are stuck using their electricity during the day and are currently paying the higher Mid-Peak and On-Peak prices. For example, people who work from home, or small businesses. The easiest way to see if the EnPowered buying-group is right for you is to look at your electricity bill to see when you use your electricity. If your Off-Peak usage is 50% or less of your total electricity usage, then the EnPowered buying-group is right for you. For example, you should see on your bill the following information: On-Peak: 300 kWh Mid-Peak: 300 kWh Off-Peak: 400 kWh In this case, this person uses a total of 1,000 kWh per month and only uses 400 kWh during OffPeak hours, so the EnPowered buying-group would be right for this consumer.   

How does this
True Market Rate actually work? The important thing to understand is that the True Market Rate is lower than Day-Time electricity prices, and it has been lower every single month since Time-of-Use prices were first introduced back in 2006.  


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What will my new electricity rate be? In total, the True Market Rate that you will pay is currently between 10-12 ₵/kWh. This rate will change every month, but it has always been less than your Mid-Peak and On-Peak prices. There are three components to your rate: Market Rate, Global Adjustment, and Admin Fee.

Market Rate:
The market rate changes every month depending on supply and demand in the market but is currently at around 1-3 ₵/kWh. 
Global Adjustment: The global adjustment is a fee that changes every month and is set by the governmental bodies within the electricity industry. The global adjustment has been increasing steadily over the past 10 years and is currently at around 9-10 ₵/kWh.  Admin Fee: The admin fee will not change month to month. This is the fee required to cover the costs of moving you and the rest of the buying-group to a market rate, and is shared between EnPowered and a variety of industry players.   

How will this change the way that I get or pay for my electricity?
When you join an EnPowered buying-group, there is no change to your energy supply or energy service, the only thing that changes is the rate that you pay for your electricity. So you will still get all of the support you are used to from your electricity utility.    You will still pay the same electricity bill that you have always paid, the only change will be that the Time-of-Use buckets will be removed and you will now see two new line-items; the commodity price and the global adjustment. These two prices combined make up the True Market Rate of your electricity. 


EnPowered Buying-Group Details

This document contains four parts that you should understand prior to joining the EnPowered buying-group:  

The contract for your new energy supply
When you join an EnPowered buying-group, you will still get your electricity bill from your local utility, however you will be appointing EnPowered as your new energy supplier. The key points to understand in this contract are that:

·         The contract is for a 5-year term and you can cancel at any time at no cost
·         Your rate will be a maximum of market + 0.9 cents/kWh but it will be lower depending on the size of the buying-group at the end of the month  

A government supplied price comparison form
The price comparison form is a document that has been produced by the Ontario Energy Board. This form is based on an average Ontario consumer and so may not accurately reflect your usage patterns.  

A government supplied disclosure statement
The disclosure statement is a document that has been produced by the Ontario Energy Board to explain your rights as a consumer. In our case your rights are simple, you can cancel your contract at any time at no cost.
Your electricity supply mix
The final page outlines how your electricity is produced. EnPowered will pull directly from the existing market so the electricity it provides to you will have the same supply mix as the average Ontario electricity mix.

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